From Japan to all over the world.
A new sensation full-body massager.

Micro-current occurs by the massager coming in contact with the human body and fixes the balance of the bioelectric-current of the body. The massager makes the blood circulation better relieving pain, inflammation, numbness, stiffness, and swelling as well as helping an eyestrain, face lift-up, and the activity and relaxation of the brain.

Come in handy.
Can be used anywhere, 
anytime and to anyone.

It is applicable from a professional operator to a general user for daily self-care at home. The palm size is convenient to be used by anyone, and easy to carry. Can be used as a maintenance of the full body during commuting, traveling, or breaks between works.

Integrates Japan’s cutting edge industrial technology.
A compact body
filled with the cutting edge technology.

Integrated Japanese industrial technology to raise the density of the material aiming for "manu-facturing usable for a long span and superior in durability".

High conductivity with copper.
Shows effects more effectively.

The tip of the main body can be conductive by a feeble electric current generated from a special semiconductor efficiently by having copper built-in.
In addition, copper has a feature of a high sterilization effect.

新型マッサージ器 NEO HEALER (ネオヒーラー)

Copper is a material of which its colors change
but will have no influence on the effect.

Particularity of inventor Mr. Mitsui
Beautiful design

The beautiful design of the body curve and the unique shape.
Designed particularly for the depth and size to fit each part of the body
and pursued the grip feeling that prevents tiredness from long hours use.
Designed with only the weight of the material itself
without adding big pressure and calculated the weight to have moderate pressure.

新型マッサージ器 NEO HEALER (ネオヒーラー)

About the inventor,
Mr. Norio Mitsui of NEO HEALER.

NEO HEALER was invented by the late Mr. Norio Mitsui
Mr. Mitsui was well known for various development of the industrial products and the daily necessities which everyone is familiar with. In later years, he began developing health equipment trig-gered by a disease of his own and he made a model of NEO HEALER a drawing based on the theory that he devised for several years and manufactured it.

“I devise and develop the product helping many people as much as I can.
I take pride in continu-ing doing such work.”
 Magazine interview in 2013

  • 2010Primary prototype completion and a model of NEO HEALER completed.
  • 2012Completion of NEO HEALER. Applied for the patent.
  • 2013"UFO" development for small size of the NEO HEALER produced.
  • 2015 Acquired a patent. (#5851923) Mr. Mitsui passed away.
    Afterwards, leads to production and sale after redevelopment of NEO HEALER.