NEO HEALER (ネオヒーラー) Q&A

  • QWhere can I try using NEO HEALER?

    In each place in Japan, mainly in Tokyo, we carry out a trial session of NEO HEALER, operational training to a professional user and a general user. We also hold an introduction briefing session regularly for various clinics of treatment, salons, and for the trainers. We publish the latest information on our website frequently.

  • QWhat is bioelectric-current?

    Bioelectric-current is extremely feeble electricity streaming down a human body.
    This bioelectric-current moves blood and a lymphatic flow, brain and heart. We cannot live without this electric current.There are approximately 37 trillion cells (by the latest article) that consists in a human being, and all cells are tinged with an electron. If it is in a normal state, the balance is maintained by an ion inside of the cell, and a positive ion performing electric charge outward.

    Bioelectric-current generates a material called the ATP (3 adenosine phosphoric acid) which is the cause to produce energy. It also works for synthesis of protein, heart moving and always breath-ing, giving instructions to muscle and a nerve and moving a body, skin dividing the cells to be grown and replaced. When an animal lives, bioelectric-current always promotes important action such as growth, metabolism, reproduction, increase action, division and the restoration of the cell going on.

    Natural healing power to recover by itself and the restoration of the cell gradually decreases, bioelectric-current is more active to young people and begin declining from around 40 years old. It helps the activation of a living body electric current decreased by aging when massaging the whole body repeatedly with NEO HEALER.

  • QWhat is micro-current?

    Micro-current is a very weak current that cannot be felt by sensory nerves,
    and has a property similar to that of a biological current flowing in a human body.
    Recent research suggests that this micro-current activates the bioelectric current and promotes cell repair.


  • QIs NEO HEALER safe directly on exposed skin?

    Use it over a towel or clothes. No influence on the effect.

  • QHow much strength and speed should I move it to use?

    Micro-current flows just to touch the body with NEO HEALER.
    Use it with comfortable pressure and speed.

  • QWhen a reddish tinge and an itch occurred,
    how should I deal with it?

    Stop using until a symptom goes away and if it is not cured consult a doctor.

  • QI feel drowsy and tired after using it,
    what should I do?

    The blood circulation is promoted, and there is the case that sleepiness and lassitude happen depending on physical constitution temporarily.
    Drink water to hydrate your body and rest well.

  • QIs it usable for stiff shoulder and a muscle pain?

    Yes. It is suitable for stiff shoulder, the needle of the waist, a muscle pain, neuralgia, various symptoms including the arthralgia.

  • QI am allergic to metal, am I allowed to use?

    The device is made with copper and aluminum.
    If you are allergic to metal, please be careful not to put it directly on exposed skin.

  • QIs it effective to cure an insect bite, a cut, a burn?

    Yes. It is appropriate for every symptom of various skins.

  • QIs it possible to use in a wet environment?

    It is not waterproofed. Do not use in a wet environment.

  • QIs it appropriate to use to a child and an elderly person?

    Yes. However, be careful with the strength of the massage to a baby and a person with osteopo-rosis.

  • QIs it appropriate to use
    during nursing or during pregnancy?

    Avoid using it around the waist. Help to use it for a swelling leg, a headache, stiff shoulder.

  • QI am an owner of the salon of the reflexology.
    Can it be used as a massage to guests?

    Yes. For the foot massage of the calf where waste materials are easy to accumulate, or the sole with the key point of the whole body, the use of NEO HEALER is recommended.

  • QI am an athletic trainer.
    Can it be used for injuries such as a sprain or the blow,
    after care of fatigue?

    On the monitor test, a lot of recovery results were seen in a particularly inflammatory system and a neurologic symptom.
    Highly recommended to use for muscle fatigue after the exercise and aftercare.

  • QIs it appropriate to use to a pet?

    Yes. If it is an animal that a bioelectric-current flows through, you can use it for the symptom of the whole body as well as a human being.

  • QWithout a symptom in particular, does it help daily performances?

    NEO HEALER is appropriate in every occasions.
    For the activity and relaxation of the brain, rub the whole head with the flat surface or massage the whole body for daily physical condition management.

【Handling method】

  • QHow is the care method?

    After use, wipe it with a dry cloth, keep it clean.

  • QA copper part turned black. What should I do?

    It is oxidized and changes color as a copper property when stopped from using for about one week. It does not influence an effect.
    It maintains luster by continuing to use every day.
    If you care about the change of the color, wipe it with commercial cleaners for exclusive use of copper.

  • QWhen dropped NEO HEALER, there was a dent and a scratch.
    Does the semiconductor inside break down?

    Even if it has a dent or a scratch on the device, it does not have any problem to the effect.