Rub lightly
Push and apply

Two ways of the usage of NEO HEALER
depending on the part of the body.
Both the projection side
and plain side can be used.

新型マッサージ器 NEO HEALER (ネオヒーラー)
新型マッサージ器 NEO HEALER (ネオヒーラー)

Suitable for the whole body from baby to elderly.Rub lightly, push and apply, and tap over the clothes or towels.Bioelectric-current of the whole body is balanced more when massaging the whole body and not only the place with the symptom.

Care method : After use, wipe with a dry cloth and keep it clean. Recommended to use every day in order to prevent the copper oxidation, and luster thereby appears more.


•There are approximately 37 trillion cells (according to the latest article) in a human body, and all cells are tinged with an electron. If it is in a normal state, the balance is maintained by an ion inside of the cell, and a positive ion performing electric charge outward."Damage electric-current" acts to restore a cell when a cell get damaged from an injury or a disease.While using NEO HEALER, might feel a strong pain or a micro-tingling sensation as if an electric current runs through.Such symptom will ease off when NEO HEALER is repeatedly applied or rubbed lightly on the part with the damage electric-current. Can be assured of its safety.

• NEO HEALER is designed with only the weight of the material itself without adding big pressure and calculated the weight to have moderate pressure.Do not thrust NEO HEALER too much or will cause damage of to the muscle fiber and cause bruising. Be cautious.

• After massage with NEO HEALER, might get symptoms such as an itch, a reddish tinge, or a rash due to the difference in the constitutions. It will disappear naturally within a few days but if it is to be prolonged, stop using the massager and wait until the symptom disappears.

• While using the NEO HEALER, the device gets hot or cold but it is due to the semiconductor so there is no problem of use.

The following person should not use.

  • • The person who has an internal model medical equipment such as a pacemaker, microchip etc. that is easy to receive electromagnetic interference.
  • • The person with allergic-constitution to metal.
  • • The person who is easy to suffer from a purple spot.
  • • The person who has an abnormality to a bone including the osteoporosis.
  • • The use to a part where metal, plastic, a silicon chip etc. is buried in.
  • • In the case of under treatment with other medical institutions, the person who has worries should consult with a doctor.

Safety information

  • • It is not waterproofed. Do not use under wet circumstances including bathroom.
  • • Keep out of reach from children.
  • • Do not dismantle, remodel, nor repair.
  • • Do not place it close to electronic equipment such as a clock, a magnetic card or other electro-magnetic product which is easy to be interfered.
  • • Do not use it other than its original purpose. It can cause accidents, injuries, and damages to the device.
  • • Do not give a strong shock. It can cause damages.
  • • Do not use it in the case of which the device has cracks or a scratches. It can damage the skin.
  • • Do not use it directly on exposed skin. Use it over a cloth or a towel.
  • • Do not use it with skin cream or lotion. It may cause changes in color or in the quality of the de-vice.
  • • Do not rub the skin too much or to only one place repeatedly. It may cause damage to the skin.
  • • Do not strongly put it too much against the eye.
  • • Do not cool or heat it before use. Do not use it in the environment where the temperature suddenly changes including the sauna.
  • • Do not place it near the outlet of heaters such as a dryer or the fan heater. It may cause the transformation of the part and breakdown.