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NEO HEALER is the revolutionary massager that can produce a micro-current only by CPD (Con-tact Potential Difference) without having batteries built-in. It is applicable from a professional op-erator to a general user for daily self-care at home. It is designed with a shape that is resistant to malfunction and damage, and can be used semipermanently unless giving strong damages, and the aftercare of warranty and repair is assured.

  • Product name: NEO HEALER
  • Product code: HE-NH201911-1A
  • Size: Φ70mm×H70mm
  • Weight: 330g
  • Materials: Aluminum, copper, Chrome plating, others
  • Packing list: Main body, instruction manual, certificate
  • Production: Japan
  • Manufacturer: intention Co., Ltd.
  • Patent acquisition: #5851923
  • Registered trademark: T190070JP

・Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

160,000JPY(without tax)

Guarantee and support
【 Warranty period 】

5 years.

【 Terms of warranty 】

NEO HEALER is warranted free from defects of the lid and when the cover falls off within the warranty period if appropriately used. In order to request repair, show your NEO HEALER and certificate.

【 Exclusions. This Warranty does not cover: 】
  • • Damage, problems or failure resulting from improper operation or inadequate maintenance by the buyer.
  • • Damage, problems by dropping after purchase.
  • • Damage, problems and the damage by fire, earthquakes, floods, thunderbolts, other extraordi-nary phenomenon in heaven natural calamity, trouble by pollution.
  • • When not provided with proof of this warranty certificate.
  • • When not provided inputting the buyer’s name, the date of purchase on this warranty certificate and receipt
  • • Damage, problems by operating inappropriate use state against in accordance with the operating instruction.
  • • Damage, problems by inappropriate maintenance procedure method.

※To find out more about repair services after a term of the warranty, please refer to the homepage.

Returns and replacements:

We do not accept returns and refunds by circumstances after the purchase.At the time of the delivery of NEO HEALER with extreme caution, however, if you find initial de-fects, a wound, a dent right after opening a package. Ask for repair or replacement, please con-tact us "the repair request" of the inquiry home.

Pay attention to resembled products.

NEO HEALER is the revolutionary massager with “a special semiconductor and new shape”.
Originally produced by intention Co., Ltd. Belongs to "Patent acquisition" "registered trademark"