Corporate information intention Co., Ltd.
Company address 1-24-2 Ebisu-minami,
Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN
Company head Nobuo Kanemoto,
President and Director
Description of activities Production and import-export of health equipment /
Salon business support /
Human resources development / Consulting

Declaration in Accordance with Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Dealer :
intention Co., Ltd
Administrative supervisor :
Nobuo Kanemoto
Address :
1-24-2 Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN
Telephone : 03-6452-4377
Email address :
Order method : Online shop
Payment method : Credit card, Paypal
Additional surcharges : Consumption Tax
Shipping : Free
On returns and exchanges: Please understand that we do not accept returns or exchanges. We carefully pack and ship our products, but in the case that upon opening your package you find scratches, dents, or other issues please send a repair request to us immediately via the enquiries page and we will respond immediately with details of how to proceed.
Privacy policy
intention, Co., Ltd (“this company” below) maintains the following privacy policy (“this policy” below) with regard to the management of the personal information of our customers provided for the services it provides (“this service” below).
1. User information collected and collection method

With respect to this policy, “user information” refers to information gathered by this company concerning user identity and activity on servers, and information collected or generated concerning users or their devices. The information collected by this company for purposes of using this service or by using this service is as follows:

(1) Name, date of birth, gender
(2) Email address, phone number, address and other information related to shipping
(3) Credit card information
(4) History of items purchased from this company
(5) Information sent to this company via being input into forms or otherwise sent by the user

2. Purpose of use

The user information collected by this company is used as follows.

(1) User registration, identity verification, user authentication, records of user settings, calculation and payment of product costs and fees, etc. related to this service, for purposes of providing, ensuring safety and improving this service
(2) Providing information about and responding to queries related to this service
(3) Addressing violations of policies relating to rules and policies of this service (“policy” below)
(4) Informing users of changes in policies relating to this service

3. Sharing information with third parties

This company does not share personal information provided by users with third parties, domestic or international, without their consent. However, in the following exceptional circumstances such information may be shared.

(1) In order to achieve the purpose of this company part or all of personal information may be shared to the extent necessary. In such cases we will ensure proper handling of personal information by the third party via contractual or other binding methods, and will audit to ensure compliance.
(2) In cases of corporate merger or other issues of succession
(3) If cooperation is requested to this company by national or local government bodies or others following their  requests in executing legally mandated businesand obtaining user consent would constitute interference in carrying out that business
(4)Other reasons permitted by laws pertaining to protection of personal information (“Personal Information Protection Law” below)

4. Release of personal information

This company, when requested by a user to release their personal information following the regulations laid down by the Personal Information Protection Law, will promptly release that information after confirming that the request comes from the user (if there is no personal information held for that user, that fact will be disclosed). However, requests which do not follow from the Personal Information Protection Law or from other related regulations are exceptions in cases that this company does not bear responsibility for disclosure. Further, please be aware that a fee (1,000 yen per request) is charged for requests for personal information disclosure.

5. Corrections to personal information and suspension of use

5-1 In cases where this company receives from a user (1) requests to change personal information on the basis of the Personal Information Protection Law due to error, or to cease the use of personal information on the basis of the Personal Information Protection Law due to usage beyond the bounds of what is specified by the purpose of use, or due to collection via deception or other wrongful procurement methods, after confirming that the request was made by the user, the information will be changed or removed and that action communicated to the user. Further, the user will be informed if a decision not to change or remove personal information is made.
5-2 This company will remove personal information and so inform the user after confirming that the user made the relevant request when a request to remove personal information is received and it is decided that the request should be acted upon.
5-3 When this company decides that it is not obligated under the Personal Information Protection Law to accede to a request to alter or delete personal information, 5-1 and 5-2 above do not apply.

6. Contact for inquiries

Inquiries, opinions, and complaints about the use and handling of personal information can be directed to the appropriate office of this company, as follows:

Nobuo Kanemoto, Personal Information Service Manager
intention, Co., Ltd
1-24-2 Ebisu-minami
Shibuya-ku Tokyo

7. Compliance with legal regulations

This company adheres to regulations concerning the use and handling of personal information and its protection.

8. Procedure for changes to privacy policy

This company will alter the privacy policy if necessary. However, in the case that such changes are made, they will apply only to those users who have agreed to the updated privacy policy after it is updated via the method determined by this company. Further, if this company changes its privacy policy, those changes and the time they are instituted will be posted to the company website or communicated to users via other appropriate methods.

[October 20, 2019]