The NEO HEALER revolution.
The world’s first mechanism for producing microcurrents (weak electrical forces) purely through contact.
No batteries or power source required.
Electrical currents so gentle they almost cannot be felt work to stimulate and invigorate cells,
alleviating pain, swelling, and stiffness and promoting blood circulation.
They even help with issues arising from eyestrain and contribute to facial rejuvenation and brain activity.
From professional use to daily self-care, the NEO HEALER is responsive to every need.
Product number : HE-NHT202011-0A
Size : Φ55mm x 58mm height
Weight : 163g
Materials : Aluminum, copper, chrome plating, other materials
Included : NEO HEALER unit, operation manual, warranty
Country of manufacture : Japan
Manufacturer : intention, Co., Ltd.
Patent number : 5851923
Design registration : 1668409
Trademark : T190070JP
In order to improve product performance, please be aware that some of the above may change without notice.
This product is not fully waterproof, so please avoid submerging it in water.
120,000 yen(132,000 yen with tax)
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Product number : HE-NH201911-1A
Size : Φ70mm x 70mm height
Weight : 330g
Materials : Aluminum, copper, chrome plating, other materials
Included : NEO HEALER unit, operation manual, warranty
Country of manufacture : Japan
Manufacturer: intention, Co., Ltd.
Patent number : 5851923
Design registration : 1668409
Trademark : T190070JP
In order to improve product performance, please be aware that some of the above may change without notice.
This product is not fully waterproof, so please avoid submerging it in water.
160,000 yen(176,000 yen with tax)
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Text book
Text book
This textbook collects techniques for treatment of specific symptoms using special features of the NEO HEALER. It includes the basic techniques for NEO HEALER use, locations for maximally effective massage separated by symptom and condition type, and other content useful for self-care. In addition to medical applications, it includes content related to general health, and so is helpful for the use of NEO HEALER in daily life.
*Currently, only a Japanese version of this book is available.
Size: A5/189pp
2,800yen(3,080 yen with tax)
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A simple and elegant design suitable for any time, any place, and any person
The body of the NEO HEALER uses copper, a material well-known for its high conductivity. It effectively transmits the microcurrents generated throughout the entire device. Further, the compact body is designed to be easily and comfortably usable by and for people of all ages and genders. The form of the body and the grip and fit of the materials are specially designed to be usable in all situations and circumstances, from the lengthy periods of use typical of professional medical and salon contexts, to travel and commuting, to moments when one finds a moment for a reset at work or during study.
Japanese technology realizing high quality and durability
Barring extreme damage, the NEO HEALER is usable nearly forever. Designed with the goal of long use, its design uses Japanese technical engineering to its fullest extent to ensure a compact and durable tool which is both resistant to damage and breakage and of the highest quality. The NEO HEALER is sold accompanied with a full warranty and aftercare service, and so can be used in complete peace of mind.
Select from two types of
NEO HEALER depending on your needs
NEO HEALER and the easily portable NEO HEALER TECH
NEO HEALER has a 70mm circumference and is 70mm tall, weighing in at 300g. NEO HEALER TECH is smaller, with a 55mm circumference, a height of 58mm, and a weight of 163g, so is roughly half the size of NEO HEALER. This size is designed with users with smaller hands in mind.
Capable of massaging large muscles as well as pinpoint healing
The NEO HEALER has one flat surface and one surface with a protruding part similar to a golf ball. Using these two elements, it is possible to massage and loosen large muscles (e.g. the thighs, stomach, gluteus maximus, trapezius muscles, as well as parts of the body with significant layers of fatty tissue). This is ideal for people with larger bodies and for full-body use in professional contexts and salons. On the other hand, the NEO HEALER TECH has a thinner protuberance which is well-suited for parts of the body with smaller surface areas, such as the face, or for pressure point massage.

Rub, push, tap, or gently strike the NEO HEALER against skin covered by a towel or clothing. Depending on the body area, it is possible to use either the flat or protruding part.
Maintenance: After use, wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Clean before storing.

- Precautions when using -

Regarding physical sensations while using

According to the newest research, the body contains approximately 37 trillion cells, each of which contains electricity. When cells are healthy, they have negative ions inside them and positive ions on their surface, which creates and maintains a balanced electric charge. However, when cells are damaged, a “restorative current” begins to work in order to repair them. When using the NEO HEALER, in rare cases, sensations of intense pain or pins and needles can be felt. If one experiences these sensations (stemming from the restorative current), continue to apply or lightly rub the affected area and these sensations will slowly ease. This is a normal effect, so please use the NEO HEALER without worrying.

The NEO HEALER is designed to produce optimal results solely with the pressure from its own weight. Pressing too hard can lead to damage to muscle fibers or bruising. Please take care when using.

Depending on the physical condition of the user, massaging can sometimes cause itching or redness, or symptoms of muscular pain (similar to myalgia). These will disappear after a few days, but if they continue, please stop using the device and observe your physical condition until the symptoms improve.

The body of the NEO HEALER sometimes can become hot or cold during use. This is no cause for concern.

Please do not use if you are in one of these categories.
  • People who have pacemakers, microchips, or other surgically embedded medical devices susceptible to electromagnetic interference.
  • People with allergies to metals.
  • People susceptible to peliosis.
  • People with surgically embedded metals, plastics, silicon, or chips.
  • If you are otherwise receiving medical treatment and have concerns about our products, please consult with your physician.
Please do not do the following.
  • This product is not fully waterproof. Do not submerge in water or use in the shower or around water.
  • Do not store in places that small children can reach.
  • Do not disassemble, modify, or dismantle.
  • Do not put close to electrical devices, watches, magnetic cards or other devices susceptible to electromagnetic interference.
  • Do not use for purposes other than the intended one. There is a risk of accidents, breakage or injury.
  • Do not drop or smash into other objects as there is a risk of breakage.
  • If the device is cracked or otherwise damaged, do not use it. There is a risk of injury to the skin.
  • Do not rub excessively or use on a single area repeatedly. There is a risk of damage to the skin.
  • When using near the eyes, do not push or rub with it too strongly.
  • Please do not use after heating or cooling the device. Do not use in saunas or other places with extreme rapid temperature changes.
  • Do not leave near hair dryers or space heaters. There is a risk of damage, breakage, or warping of the device.

Product warranty

【Period of service warranty】
5 years after purchase of product.
【Service warranty regulations】
If the cap or body of your device breaks or becomes detached during the warranty period, it is covered by warranty and will be repaired without charge, given that the instructions in the manual have been followed. When requesting repairs, please provide the device and the warranty card.
【The following repairs will incur charges even during the warranty period.】
  • Problems resulting from improper use or modification of the device
  • Damage resulting from dropping or otherwise damaging the device
  • Damage resulting from fire, earthquakes or floods, lightning, or other natural calamities or contamination
  • Requests made without the warranty card
  • If the warranty card is submitted without the date of purchase and the customer’s name, or submitted without the purchase receipt
  • Damage resulting from uses not included in those in the instruction manual
  • Damages resulting from negligence in maintenance and care of the device
※For requests for repairs after the warranty period or other queries, please contact us through the website contact form.

About product exchanges

We do not accept returns or issue refunds in cases other than damage. We are careful in the shipping process but if your product exhibits initial failure or is scratched or dented and you would like to request an exchange or repair please contact us through the repair request form on the website.

Be careful of imitations or
counterfeit items

The NEO HEALER is patented and registered by intention Co., Ltd.

Overseas shipping

【Tax and duty information】
  • When the cost of an order is high, import taxes, duties and other charges may be applied.
  • We are not responsible for orders which are impounded, seized or otherwise unable to clear customs. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Items will be shipped using international EMS post.
  • Delays in air transport, customs inspection, or other irregularities may cause longer than expected transit times.
  • In some cases, customs duties or import taxes may be applied. In such cases, you will be directly contacted by the transport company.
Please use the contact form for any queries you might have.